Privacy And Policy

Privacy and rules for using the exclusive services of Ermania Center

Ermania Foreign Languages Academy (Kardo Tech’s cultural educational exploration-oriented institute) emphasizes the respect for the privacy of users and announces that in order to register, comment and use the features and exclusive services of its application, some information will be requested from users in order to provide safe and secure services to them, such as name, address, email, mobile number, MAC address, etc.

Due to the exclusivity of all the educational contents of this application and also according to the policies of the Ermania Academy, by purchasing any package in the application or registering in one of the courses of Armenia, the user confirms the copyright laws of Ermenia Center (Kardo Tech cultural educational exploration-oriented institute) and no real or legal person has the right to record audio or video of the courses, adapt or teach this content, share educational content, use educational materials including exclusive syllabi, Persian codes, and the exercises designed by this center, etc. without written and official permission from this institution, and according to the regulations of the authors' rights and also the laws of intellectual property rights, violation of these laws will result in prosecution.

This center may send e-mails, messages or notification to its audience in order to inform them about new courses, festivals, how to hold classes, etc. If the recipient does not want to receive such emails or messages, he can take action to disable this service by using the contact number or the unsubscribe link at the end of the received email or messages.